Waarom Fly 4 MS?

Andrei Floroiu, a former Wall Street investor in biotechnology companies developing Multiple Sclerosis drugs, became intimately exposed to the lives of those with MS. Interacting with over 500 people with MS and over 100 MS doctors in the US and Europe, Andrei realized how little most of us know about MS and the lives of those touched by this terrible disease. The personal stories, challenges, hopes, desperation and unbelievable strength of those with MS made him realize that awareness about the disease is as important to those living with it as the research in which he was investing. 

Inspired by the trans-Atlantic flight in a small plane Keith Siilats, an entrepreneur, made in 2009, Andrei got together with Paul De Luna, a photographer and film maker, and Matt Feig, a lawyer and long time supporter of the MS cause, and decided to use their passions for flying and photography to increase MS awareness. Thus Fly for MS was born on a New York rooftop on a summer evening in early July 2010.

The rest of the team joined quickly, inspired by the audacity of the idea and the impact it could have on the lives of those with MS. The team has been united by the shared passion for a creative approach to raising MS awareness, but its strength lies in its members’ diversity and complementary expertise. With members from 8 countries, the team’s backgrounds include aviation, photography and film, media and PR, non-profit, finance, technology, law, advertising and fashion. One team member is a police woman, many are experienced entrepreneurs, others have worked for reputable names in corporate America or Wall Street, and a majority is Ivy League educated. The youngest is 21, the oldest 39, and one is mother.


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